Re: DVP-1 vocoder - opinions?

From Mark Pulver
Sent Thu, Jul 3rd 1997, 03:05

Jose M. Plehn-Dujowich (04:42 PM 7/2/97 -0500) had said:

>Thanks to all of you who recommended some vocoders. I was wondering if you
>could compare the following vocoders:
>Korg DVP-1
>Roland SVC-350
>Doepfer vocoder modules
>Any effects box simulating a vocoder, like the Ensoniq DP/4 or others
>I need to have MIDI control of the pitch, as I'd be processing my synths,

You mention "MIDI control of pitch" - What pitch?

A vocoder's input is a pair of audio signals. It then analyzes one signal
to excite (open) the filters which control the amount of the other signal
that's let through. *Some* vocoders *do* have a built-in signal source for
one of the signals; is this what you're used to seeing?

Are you really thinking more along the lines of a harmonizer or harmony
generator like the Digitech Vocalist series?


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