Re: Hardware Sequencers (was FS: doepfer maq 16/3 sequencer)

From asciiman
Sent Thu, Jan 16th 1997, 01:07

>Speaking of sequencers, does anyone have any info on the various analog
>sequencers along with their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe we could
>start a thread on these??? I'd like to get away from the
>computer-controlled sequencer and get into a pattern-based sequencer with
>MIDI, CV, etc. Interested in opinions on the Doepfer, ARP etc.

Awesome idea! I've just begun to wonder about this stuff myself. And would
like to see the Korg SQ-10 included in this thread. Also, I need three of
fout of the pots for it as well as two of the covers for the knobs which
are missing on mine.