Re: Doepfer- Go fer or no sir?

From osc1
Sent Tue, Oct 14th 1997, 16:58

>I'm about ready (ya know, like, today)to make a deposit for a basic system
>1. Anybody regret purchasing the unit? Any quick last minute impressions
>you would like to share? Are the high end oscillators that much better?
>Are you sorry you don't have vc eg's?  I wanted to check the archives one
>last time,  couldn't get in.

i'm beginning to feel like a salesman for doepfer, with all the thumbs up
i've been putting into other people's faces, lately... :)  but here's
another happy doepfer owner.  having used a polyfusion 2000 (in an
electronic music class at the Univ. where i was a TA for two years), a
roland 100m, a fully CMS modded Odyssey, and a few others of this ilk...i
have to give doepfer alot of credit.
   the basic system is fine.  there are some drawbacks, but i wouldn't
count the standard VCO's among them.  in fact, somewhere in the archive,
you'll find someone saying that the difference isn't *that* huge (although
i don't own a high end one, i'm no expert).  one of the main
drawbacks seems to be that it is small.  in a sense, that's also a plus.
i'm going to haul the doepfer system out to play live next month, and if i
had to haul the same number of modules in the polyfusion or a moog, it
would be absurd.  the problem is that the patching gets a little tight
after awhile.  that's really my only strong complaint.
   as for things on the plus side, the list goes on and on.  it's
cheap...and only in price.  well built, and light, the unit looks and
sounds excellent.  the oscillators and filters sound amazing to my
ears...and especially when you compare the price jump up to a Serge system.
i sold my roland 100m setup (albeit a small one) upon getting to doepfer,
because the A100 appealed more to these ears.  the variety of modules, for
the low prices, are amaing...where else can you setup a modular with a
theremin, wavetable synth, 8 bit sampler module, small analog sequencer, 15
band vocoder, etc for under 2 grand?
   my experience was buying a basic A100 system, and then another empty
case with power supply and buss system.  now i just fill in that empty one
with modules as my finances allow.  the A100 as a basic system is
excellent, but you may find it a bit like some drugs...once you get
started, you'll want more.  :)  and while i'm not sorry i don't have VC
EG's, i can certainly add them (and VC Phasers, more waveshapers, 18dB
filters (ala 303's), etc) when i've dug out of the debt whole a little
further.  :)  if you only wanted a basic system, you could sell the VCO's
and ADSR's to replace them with the ones you want.

anyway...i hope that helps...and feel free to email me privately if you
have specific questions or concerns...
carty / squelch one

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