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A friend of mine once bought a Korg PE-2000 from that seller, and he =
mentioned to my friend that he also had a 3300 in his possession. What =
strikes me about the auction is the serial number of the 3300. "78" =
clearly delineates the year the unit was built, but 0302 would prompt me =
to guess it was 3300 #0302 that was built as Korg seem to have used an =
ongoing pattern of serial numbers, only changing the respective year of =

21,000 US$... that=B4s one hell of a steep price. As much as I=B4d love =
to use one of these machines, I=B4m quite sure it can=B4t make up for =
*that* kind of money. But then again, it=B4s its rarity which determines =
its value, and a value is determined by what the buyer is willing to =
pay. "Wat de gek er voor geeft", as the Dutch say...


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Oklahoma is near Kansas, and Kerry Livgren had a PS-3200 at one time  :)


On 8/5/08, Antonio Tuzzi <redacted@example.com> wrote:
> ps-3100
> http://search.ebay.com/160264215398
> ps-3300
> http://search.ebay.com/220263972378


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