System 100M / other modular

From mwinton
Sent Thu, Mar 16th 1995, 14:12

I was killing some time today at the local bookstore and was browsing
through some books on vintage synths--found a nice picture of a Roland
System 100M.  I'm curious if these creatures are totally extinct, and if
not where (please don't laugh) and for how much I might find one...

Has anybody on the list played with one (I assume so, but...)?  What are
your impressions?  Can you recommend any other modular pieces that are
somewhat affordable (I can't afford an Arp 2600...)?

He he he, I'm an addict.  My first synth was digital, then I happened on a
$150 Juno 106 in a pawn shop and my life changed.  I only wish I knew a
little more about electronics so I wouldn't be so afraid to open them up
and modify them.

m w