RE: [AH] back again. questions about Arp 2600 vs. die neue modulars.

From Gino Wong
Sent Fri, Jan 5th 2007, 22:30

It is not the gear, it's the programmer,  you can do almost anything
with a basic set of modules. and a mixer/ splitter. the most tricked
out systems used by paid players has little mxers here and there. It
is not to say it ain't great. The newer stuff is great mind you and
for gigging and signature sounds, you can hit it every time.esp
doepfer and analogue solutions stuff. The CGS, Cynthia modules are up
there with EMS and Buchla and Serge without the prices and are really
exciting. The Mono Evolver is the most excitng of the commercial

I recently did a job with a Adrenalinn and a Farfisa e-piano and with
some open minded prep covered a lot of the that boutique territory
with the help of a tape delay and a 4 bus mixer.

It is a great time and time is probably the only mitigating factor in
the diff between a 2600 and that long list of modules.


1. Looking for a Davolisynt !,
2. Glide pedal for Freeman String Symphonizer
3 Tubes, your dad's power and pre