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I'm reposting this to hopefully get a better response...

Dear People who listen to music I happen to listen to too,

I produce small "IDM" related publication called e.x.p. With this post, I've
attached a "mission statement" so you can get a better idea as to what it's

As you'll read, it's filled with interviews and articles of artists and
record labels mentioned on this list and them some. If you've read further,
you'll realize that this is free to the public and distributed through pulse
soniq distribution.

In order to focus in with the type of readers who are a on a similar wave
length (instead of those who wear carpet lined pants and suck on childrens
toys), I would  be much obliged if you can provide me with information on
record stores in your area that supply you with your lively hood, so that I
can send copies of the publication directly to them where, if you wish,  you
can pick it up for free, rather than me sending copies to each and every one
of those who reply to this post.

Thank you very much for your time and have a fantastic day

np: stan getz/joao gilberto

say no to carpet pants.

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	name="e.x.p. mission statement"
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e.x.p. =

is an eclectic, synthetic, journal dedicated to documenting the ever evol=
ving / devolvolving world or pretentious electronic music / experimental =
dance / intelligent techno / etc.

currently our issues are free at selected music shops.
distributed by pulse soniq and happy friends of e.x.p.

e.x.p. is not for profit.

Things we've accomplished so far:
our previous issue  (#3)  included interviews with:
   sukia (moog powered porn muzak)
   tipsy  (sampledelic loungecore)
   tit wrench (post-industrial/noise/techno terrorism)
and many reviews (as always) of artists and labels obscure and not.

our current issue  (#4)  is hot off the press
and includes:
an article on
   schematic records (like Skam records but out of =

					     Florida and funkier)
interviews with:
   doctor kosmos (Swiss spawned Yamaha Easy Listening)
   speedy j	(Intelligent Techno from Rotterdam)
   amon tobin/cujo (Jazz/Somba/Bossa Nova/fused Drum 'n' Bass)
   we (Eclectic Illbient sounds from New Yawk)
and many reviews (as always) of labels obscure and not.

current efforts are directed toward
our next issue  (#5)  which we hope will write itself.
Barring that, we'll include interviews already conducted with:
   richard james (aphex twin, polygon window yadda yadda)
   luke vibert (plug, wagon christ yadda yadda)
   mike paradinas (u-ziq, jake slazenger... and yet more yaddas)
also in the works are possible interviews with:
   bentley rhythm ace
   mego records. =

and of course reviews of album and singles you should be listening to.

e.x.p.'s format is evolving continually, but you can expect something tha=
t has pleasant textures and inks that folds into a cozy 5.5 x 8.5 inches.=

something that looks like it was designed at a coffee house that serves c=
hai, on a cocktail napkin at a bar stained with vodka, and finalized on a=
 mac clone at night with atmosphere, and lovingly placed into a hand stam=
ped (or otherwise desecrated) envelope to which, if anyone takes the bait=
, will eventually be added:
goodies, stickers, postcards, late breaking news,
magazine clippings, locks of famous hair,
or other advertising scams.
(we hope to keep the adverts out of the actual magazine itself for reason=
 that most advertising designers don't know how to design,
mr. chueh hates having to graphically integrate articles with ads, and en=
velopes and goodies are much more interesting.)

we are professionals.

in the future we hope to obtain money to pay for printing more issues.
sell copies through tower records & conquer the world (or at least a smal=
l island)

thank you for taking the time to read this

we do tend to go on a bit.

please let us know if there exists a friendly idm/exp type shop in your n=
eighborhood which might give us a space on a shelf.