Re: [AH] Best little Moogs

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1999, 23:45

        Reply to:   RE>[AH] Best little Moogs

My favorite Moog that I've owned of three (Sonic 6, Prodigy, MultiMoog) was my
first synth, the Sonic 6. 2 osc's, 2 lfo's, white and pink noise (I think),
ring mod, external in, built in speaker, folded up into it's own case.
Cool thing was the pitch wheel went side to side, not up and down like most.
Much more natural-even though I mostly made crazy noises with it, which it did
great. Sold it cause it kept breaking down and I was quite poor at the
time-hell, I got it when I was 16, almost 20 years ago!
The Prodigy just plain sounded great, wish I still had it. The MultiMoog has a
lot of great real time contols, I could get a real nasty electric feedback
guitar sound. Didn't sound like I wanted overall though. The other two had a
better filter sound. Wish I could keep 'em all I guess. Pretty happy with my
stuff now sound-wise (Pro One, Doepfer, Roland Sys 100), but that MoogerFooger
sure looks inviting....