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<<I just bought a 5 module 100m (112/121/130/140/150) recently and had a 
some questions for 100m owners.

How does the Multiple Jack work on the 191J rack?
How do you patch in the envelope module...or is patched in >>

You lucky devil!  :)  
Multiple jacks are very straighforward... plug 1 signal/voltage into 1 of the
jacks in the set and the other jacks output thhe same signal/voltage.  
The envelope has a switch for internal trigger or external patched signal.
the internal trigger actually has to be supplied to the gate/trigger in on the
bottom left corner of the 191J.  I guess internals trigeers also come from
whatever keyboard yopou have hooked to the multipin connector in the back as
well.  Same deal for "keyboard CV", available as mod sources on the oscillator
modules.  Alternatively, you can use the EXT switch on each envelope generator
and patch a trigger directly into each envelope.  The output of each envelope
must be patched for it to effect anything.  

How do I distinguish between control and audio jacks?

Well, an lfo is usually a control jack, an EG output is usually one as well.
Oscillator outs are usually audio, as are filter outs.  Everythings labelled,
take some time to sit down and think about things and you should be able to
figure it out.  If you can't and want to dump that 100m, let me know!  :)  

Is there a basic patch to begin with?

try OSC-->FILTER-->VCA (with initial gain knob up), then start experimenting
with CV control....

Good luck!

Happy Twiddling!