My Teapot

From lui
Sent Wed, Jul 27th 1994, 19:42

>> 12. Polygon Window : My Teapot
>>  To be honest, when I first heard this I was very dissapointed. On a 
>> first listen it sounded like a poorly structured, plodding mess of sound 
>> but now im not so sure. Its along the same lines as "Phlid" in many way 
>> using the same or similar farty samples. Ive listened to it many times 
>> now though and I get the get feeling there is genius behind this madness 
>> - its awkwardnes is beginning to make sense in my mind. The only thing I 
>> can really say is to take a listen for yourself. 
>I am desperately hoping he's going to do a full album with this sort of 
>stuff. At first you may indeed think it is rubbish, a pile of garbage sounds, 
>but it is not. It is genius. It has a lot of logic in it.

Quote from NME:"Aphex Twin is a fantastical example of self hype"-Neil Tennant
I think this is a matter of acquired taste, it might grow on you after a
few listen. I didn't catch the drift after hearing it twice, it sounds a
bit awkward, but i wouldn't say i hate it. Maybe RJ had a really awkward
lucid dream...'bout teapot, and what you think/feel about this track is
actually in sync with RJ's--a pile of garbage sounds.

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