Re: [AH] A100 layouts...

From synthworld
Sent Sat, Dec 5th 1998, 19:55

With all of this talk about A100 layouts, the timing of this is pretty good:

FS: (1) A-100 Modular System = $1350 + shipping

	It consists of:

1) A100 G6 (six rack spaces) Frame with power supply
2) A110 Oscillators
1) A114 Dual Ring Modulator
1) A115 Audio Divider
1) A125 Voltage Controlled Phaser/Comb Filter
1) A138b Mixer (log)
1) A120 VCF 1 (24dB "moog" clone)
1) A121 12dB Multimode Filter
1) A130 VCA (linear)
1) A131 VCA (exp)
1) A190 MIDI-CV module
1) A118 Noise/Random
1) A148 Dual Sample & Hold
2) A145 LFOs
1) A160 Clock Divider
1) A161 Clock Sequencer
1) A180 Multiples (2 X 4 jacks)
1) A138a Mixer (lin)
1) A170 Dual Slew Limiter
2) A140 ADSRs
includes manual and patch cords

This is a Base System 2 (which is currently $1750 at the doepferusa site) with
the A116 Waveform Processor replaced with the A125 Phase Shifter module (which
I found more useful than the A116).  It is in great shape, works fine, scaled
and ready to go.
This is for sale as a complete system only and for sale in the US only (sorry,
but I don't want to ship out of the country).
I'm selling it because I have plenty of other modular analog (Moog and ARP)
synth stuff to keep me busy well into the next century.

Zon (