[AH] Aleatoric BUG MUSIC Competition UPDATE

From Cynthia Webster
Sent Sat, Jan 6th 2007, 21:56

Aleatoric BUG MUSIC Competition UPDATE


So as not to constantly bombard this list with comments
and minor updates, please sign-up to our Yahoo Group

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First I would like to thank everyone who has entered,
and all of the marvelous people who are voting.
I feel that this contest helps in drawing us closer together
with a common purpose and a real sense of community. 

You ~all~ deserve a big round of applause!


Everyone is invited to listen, and enjoy the works
of these amazingly talented musicians from all around the
world.  There are entries from Singapore, Italy, Sweden,
New Zealand, Denmark, and Norway, just to name a few

Now for some sordid details...

We've disqualified a few pieces from voting because they
greatly exceeded the 3-minute maximum time limit, which
is really too bad. 

They may still make it to the compilation discs though!

Because they're excellent pieces of music in spite of their
excessive running lengths, we've chosen to leave them
up in the listing so that they can be enjoyed by everyone,
(they've just been stripped of their voting buttons) Sorry,
but as mentioned earlier, this is one of the very few rules
that we actually do have.

Please join us on The Cyndustries List for further updates
between now and the contest conclusion on Monday night!

Best Wishes!!