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From Plan B (Peter Grenader)
Sent Fri, Feb 8th 2008, 16:03

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On Feb 8, 2008, at 6:50 AM, Tomislav Babic wrote:

> since i recall you being a frac user in the past, with those wonderful
> babluma
> and segway to part4 demos,   do u happen to know if this grounding  
> scheme
> is done differently/better  on Blacet/Frac systems, and for  
> examples on MOTM

I still have Blacet modules - his EG's, MiniWaves and one Processor.  
(his Envelope Generator is still the best on the planet in my  
opinion),  but I've never used his power bussboards, I have no  
experience with this.

Bottom line, a large part of power management is voodoo.   What works  
in one person's environment may not work in someone else's.  There  
are however guidelines designers can incorporate to protect against  
it.  Separate return paths is the best solution.  Separate power  
systems is another. Chris Muir pointed out on the Plan B blog the  
other day that SMS Systems used SEPARATE REGULATORS ON EACH SLOT OF  
THEIR BUSSBOARDS.  Overkill, but highly effective.

hope this helps,

- P

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