RE: [AH] another new knob box...

From Tony Karavidas
Sent Mon, Mar 27th 2000, 20:40

Actually if you click on the link
it shows you how to do it. It's not easy however, especially since they
don't provide an editor.

It cannot do sysex, so you won't be able to control your DX100 (as you
requested below)

Knobby can do it....

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> > You don't program it according to the site. It has 128
> "presets" which are
> > selectable from  an 8 position DIP switch. It looks like
> controllers only.
> > No sysex.
> The main page lists: "You can also edit and manipulate the
> factory presets or
> create your own  presets"
> There's no mention of HOW this is done though or what info is
> sent. Looks like
> a programming headache to me and not too flexible but if you can get  a
> useable preset (say Filters and envelopes for an ESQ1 or algorithms and
> envelopes of a DX100 I could see boxes like this being useful.
> I'm not a fan
> of non-window editing and am a complete mididiot so things like
> the dreabank
> just scare me off. the attraction of this sucker is the potential for the
> promised presets nd of course the price...
> > >
> > > Not sure how you program this thing but it claims to be able to hold
> > > user presets and preorders are only $100.