Re: [AH] AS to Doepfer power cable?

From James Husted
Sent Fri, May 2nd 2008, 04:04

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Mine came with no documentation. I  had to trace the paths on the PCB  
to figure it out. At a glance  at my unit is downstairs it looks like  
the bottom picture. It looks like the way mine is wired. As you can  
see it sure is NOT the obvious choice of matching the stripes on the  
ribbon cable - instead you put a header in what appears to be  
completely backward, the ribbon cable running into the next connector  
instead of away from it, and the stripes at opposite sides. I will be  
covering the bare PCB with electrical tape cause I don't like it  
flopping around the bare buss board pins. Almost looks like a  
production mistake was made. It is a double sided board after all.
On May 1, 2008, at 3:52 PM, Tim Parkhurst wrote:

> So the AS power connectors are not keyed to prevent you from pluggin  
> the power connector in backwards? And there are no reverse polarity  
> protection diodes?
> If so, I now know of two mods to make if I buy any AS stuff.
> Tim (still owes money for taxes, so won't be buying any modules  
> right away) Servo
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