Modular headaches

From Mark Kolmar
Sent Sun, Apr 23rd 1995, 20:42

This is what I've seen so far:


- Build it yourself = a lot of time and effort
+ Build it yourself = custom built for you.  Jacks, knobs, pots, 
enclosure and mounting that you choose.
- The ICs are no longer manufactured
+ Good price
+ For those in the U.S., very easy to get in contact with them
+ Since these are kits, I have to assume all relevant details are documented


+ Pre-built
- Not available yet(?)
+ Good price
- Mini-jacks (...You want HOW many 1/8"-1/4" adapters?...)
- Apparently not all sensible patch points have corresponding jacks.  (I 
suppose this could be corrected with enough docs and some hand-tools.)
= re: not enough outs -- one word: bridges (potential problems anyone?)
- Possibility that technical details are not specified --> possible 
problems using other components
- "They must have cut corners somewhere"
+ Still more routable than anything else I'm aware of (short of another 
modular) and has a lot more patch points and outputs than an empty rack.


+ By all accounts, unsurpassed quality
+ Custom built
- I expect to take on a mortgage in the near future
- What about that hard-disk recorder I want to get?
- What about that 2nd DAT deck?
- One day I'll need a new car
- etc.

On Sun, 23 Apr 1995 wrote:

I wrote:
> >I will definitely want to expand.  Other than the possibility that Paia
> >just has a big box full of these out-of-production chips, why the
> >built-in, immediate obsolescence?  This is not encouraging.
> Regarding the Curtis 3310 and 3340 chips, OnChip is completely out of them, 
> and PAiA has a limited supply, so if you think you need some, either for a new 
> construction project, or as spares for your existing gear, better get 'em now.
> On the other hand, if we all pool our resources, OnChip will make another run 
> for a minimum order of 10,000 pieces(!), which seems excessive since they 
> already own the masks.  I can't imagine it costs that much to do a another run 
> of an existing chip, but, not being in the chip making bus, I may be all 
> wet...