[AH] Roland System 100M Questions

From David Vandenborn
Sent Sat, Jan 8th 2005, 16:53

I've recently been given 2 Roland System 100M's both in a 191-J case on 
semi permant loan.

I have restored all the scratchy pots and connectors and am now 
starting to use the system more extensively.

Hence my questions:
- on the back of the 191-J cases are 2 cinch outputs labeled Jack C 1 & 
2. What are they for?

- Both cases have a 6 pin DIN connector labeled Expander. I am assuming 
that this is used to connected multiple 191-J cases together so that 
they share the same bus. Am I correct? I am going to look for my old 
Commodore Drive cable and hope that it will fit. Assuming that I may 
connect both cases together through their Expander connector.

For those of you who are interested, here's a listing of the modules:

Case 1: 112 Dual Osc - 121 Dual LP filter - 130 Dual VCA - 140 Dual 
EG+LFO - 182 Sequencer
Case 2: 112 - 121 - 130 - 140 - 173 Signal Gates & Multiple Jacks

And yes, I am happy with this addition to my studio. :-) The 100M's 
will soon become best friends with my MOTM/Encore Electronics Modular 
where I have the more esoteric modules to accompany them (Freq.Shifter, 
Triple Band Pass, MF-104, ...)


Akai VX600: http://kunst.phlimburg.be/vx600