FS/FT: 808, Moog phaser, Gleeman

From tmoravan
Sent Thu, Sep 26th 1996, 13:04

For sale / trade - Roland TR-808 drum machine.  Looking for $700 or

ARP 1613 or 1623 sequencer
Roland SH-5
Roland SH-7 and cash
Yamaha CS-80

For sale / trade - Moog 12 stage phaser.  Looking for $550 or 

ARP 1613 or 1623 sequencer
Roland SH-5
Roland SH-7 and cash
PolyMoog synth with Polypedals and cash

For trade - Gleeman Pentaphonic synth.  Looking for:

Doepfer MAQ 16/3 (version 3) and cash
PPG 2.2 with MIDI
Roland MKS-80 / MPG-80
Yamaha CS-80 and cash
Roland Jupiter-8 and cash
Roland SH-5 and cash
Roland SH-7 and cash

useful info:

The TR-808 is in very good shape.  All buttons/LEDs work, syncs fine,
all knobs present.  One Level knob is missing the orange insert.  I have a
copy of the owner's manual and can furnish a copy of the service docs if

The Moog phaser is also in good shape; faceplate is clean.  There are 2 
non-original knobs (instead of the smaller, smoother round knobs w. silver 
insert there are 2 MiniMoog knobs).  I have the service docs only.

Gleeman specs
5 voice polysynth.  3 oscillators per voice, LP filter, 2 ADSR envelopes, 
3 octave keyboard with glide, LFO modulation of pitch, volume, or filter.  
50 memory locations and 50 presets.  Sequencer with separate volume knob.
Sequencer can record both monophonic and polyphonic lines.  Synth can be 
played over a currently running sequence.

Rear panel connections for line out, headphones out, modulation depth, and 
filter cutoff.  Joystick for pitch bend and modulation.


Tom Moravansky                         redacted@example.com