RE: Is Roland System 100 or 100m better? and System-700

From majmoog
Sent Wed, Apr 10th 1996, 11:29

>My System-100 sounds great, but not as good as a big System-700.

 This isn't a flame. I agree with everything you've written here, Mike.
It's just that I've used both systems and notice no discernable difference
and the schemo's pretty much back that up.
  The System 100m and the System 700 have VERY similar circuitry. Many of
the modules in fact are identical in circuit design. Roland uses the BA662
transconductance amp in both units, BTW.


PS: 700's are VERY hard to find. MANY are in Japan or the UK. Zimmer sold
one a few years back (a complete 3 cab model) for a few thousand. A few
years later it was offered back to him for $14,000.00!!! Too much for me.
(He didn't buy it either!)