[sdiy] Choosing a DAC

From davebr at earthlink.net
Sent Sun, May 22nd 2022, 20:08

Set the DAC reference to 10.666 volts.  That is 128 "exact" 
semitones.  In fact, a 7 bit "perfect" DAC would be absolutely in 
tune.  I used a 12 bit DAC on my project with a 10.666 volt 
reference.  The way I fine tune the 10.666 reference is to zero beat 
the oscillators against my other standards.   Just a thought.


At 02:57 PM 7/6/2009, Stewart Pye wrote:
>I'm designing an "analogue" sequencer around an AVR micro and I need 
>to choose a DAC for the CV output. It will on only span 5 octaves 
>(0-5V) and output only the equally tempered scale. (there will be a 
>separate circuit for glide).
>I guess my question really is - how many millivolts can you be off 
>by in a 1V/octave system before it becomes noticeable?