JX-8P & Others, Aftertouch

From mikekent
Sent Fri, Jan 26th 1996, 01:02

>I also have a JX-8P and I thought I had the same problem.  After
>playing around with it and reading various internet articles on the 8P
>it turns out that it is working correctly.  You just have to press
>REALLY hard to get the aftertouch to kick in.  Like hard enough to
>almost flip the synth off of an Apex stand.  I think there is a mod
>you can perform to get the aftertouch to respond to less pressure.

Actually, the JX-8P is now 10 years old. I think the conductive rubber
deteriates with time. Last year I replaced the aftertouch strip (bought the
part from Roland and installed myself). The aftertouch then functioned with
a reasonable amount of pressure. I'm not sure if this will fix yours, I
just took a guess at the time and it happened to work for me.

I'm going to try this with my JU-2 next.


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