Re: System 100M / other modular

From Mark Pulver
Sent Fri, Mar 17th 1995, 05:43

On Thu, 16 Mar 95 15:19:12 CST  fEEd wrote:

>Agreed.  The guy who does the Odyssey mods (which BTW make it surpass the 
>2600 specs in many ways) also does some KILLER 2600 mods.  In fact, he
>BUILT a 2600 into a empty 2600 shell.  He is busy remaking an AWESOME 2600
>filter module at the present.

I just talked to Phil yesterday...  He's just incredible!!!  He's got such a 
handle on ARP gear in general that it's scary.  He's gonna be getting my 
2600 in about two months, if I can find a way to get it to him...

One more thing to point out about this guy is that he's doing incredible 
work with an incredible turnaround time for an incredible price.

He is truely a Godsend...

And yes, he'll do the Sync mods on the VCOs...  Along with toys like 
replacing all the opamps with low noise/high slew pieces; replacing all the 
caps in the mixer with polystyrene parts and allowing the synth to truly run 
front to back with a 0 DC offset; he'll build you a real ring modulator; 
he's duping the original Moog ladder filter and replacing the ARP filter 
with it; he'll add octave switches to the VCOs; hotrod the reverb and make 
it useful, etc etc etc...

By the way, if you have an orange faced 2600 (or Odyssey) he can do more 
than a white 2600 or a black/gold Odyssey.

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