Re: [AH] vocoder comparison

From dancemachine
Sent Tue, May 9th 2006, 19:39

after owning a
korg vc-10,
a roland vp-330,
a korg ms2000,
a microkorg,
a novation k-station,
and a paia vocoder,

i kept only the ms2000 for a couple reasons.  i didn't really like the 
vc-10 too much, the sound was nice a really warm and vintage sounding, 
but wasn't as good at the harder sounds.  The Vp-330 was pretty nice, 
much better than the vc-10 IMO, but the over-inflated ebay prices forced 
me to sell it.  part of my problems with these vocoders may have been 
that the internal synth sounds were not right for what i wanted.  also 
the legibility wasn't great IME.

out of the the microkorg and the ms2000, the vocoders are a tad 
different (different bands i think) and i like the ms2000 better.  the 
novation k-station was fine IIRC, but i didn't really like that synth 
too much as a whole, so i sold it.  and the paia?  it's nice, but i feel 
the ms2000 is so flexible that i don't need another vocoder, and the 
paia couldn't seem to do anything the ms2000 couldn't.  i pretty much 
only use the ms2000 as a vocoder, also.  i mostly start with the init 
vocoder patch, and makes small tweaks as needed.  it is pretty easy to 
come up with a nice legible vocoder sound ala moroder/faltermeyer.


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> whats your favorite vocoder and why? Can inlude modular, rack, keyboard, 
> or digital very interested in the doepfer one... \thanks all!