Re: Virtual Analog/de-evolution

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Mon, Apr 7th 1997, 12:05

Stephen Baishya wrote:

>I'm not saying that the BassStation is useless, as I'm sure there are
>many buyers who have used it to great effect, but for me it just
>won't compete with the other synths I have now. I am just concerned
>that many manufacturers today seem obsessed with providing 90's
>versions of old equipment, at the expense of any real innovation.

Interesting point here, Stephen. The only instrument which seems to be
really innovative at the moment (although of course it's based on
relatively old technology itself) is the Kawai K5000 series. But that's not
analogue, so I won't mention it...

In another posting, Robin Whittle says:

>Also, people are becoming dumber in terms of the sophistication of
>machinery they are prepared to learn.   One possible reason is that
>there are so many more such things to learn now. well as the fact that people generally seem to want, and have come to
expect, *everything, now!*. From instant coffee to video-on-demand to
synthesizer 'patches'.

>Every month there seems to be a new boatload of 303 copies hitting
>the market

Talking of which, you can get a demo audio cd of the Rave-O-Lution 309,
plus the SuperRaven from Quasimidi:

Quasimidi Musikelektronik GmbH
D-35274 Kirchain - Eisenbahnstr.13

Fax 06422 940244 Tel 06422 94020

Also, and much more interestingly, there is a demo cd/tape of the Doepfer
A-100 (modules), the Schaltwerk and the MAQ 16/3, which you should be able
to get hold of from your local Doepfer distributor. The spoken links are
all vocoded, which gets a bit tiring after a while, especially when you
don't understand German!

Me, I'm just off to synthesize the sound of an analogue synthesizer.


p.s. Let's ban the noun 'patch'* from all digital instruments! The verb can
maybe stay.

* apart from being able to say 'It's not a patch on the original' ;-)