[AH] Another video

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Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00

Well, this one's got more action in it, and doesn't compress so well.
100MB will get you this one.  "Winter" is the name of the track,
recorded live at The Railmans in Swansea, on 17th May 1997 (give or take
a week or two).  Probably not musically as tight as Chill, and the sound
quality is lousy, but entertaining visually, if only to see Andy the
guitarist mangling my Jen SX1000 for those cool Dr. Who noises.  :)


The other one, "Chill", has been moved to


Again, I'd advise you to save it to disc before attempting to play it,
as its a long time to wait only to be foiled by a dropped connection.

Btw, any other list members with on-line video?  I've set up my
workstation as a web server now, so I'd be up for creating a link
page...  My home page is now


Have a good weekend all.


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