[AH] New Serge M-odule released: the Audio Interface M-odule!

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Sat, Aug 9th 2008, 19:54

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Presenting the M-class Audio Interface M-odule!

It features frequency format curve envelope detection with VC up/down =
linear slewing. Also variable exp/log shaping of the detected signal.=20

It includes a DC coupled VCA for control loop feedback of the envelope =
signal or for AM encoding the detected & slewed CV out. It's also useful =
for pre- or  post-EQ signal AMing.

The comparator is useful for deriving level detected Gate Output or for =
deriving pulse trains from audio signals (pre- or post-EQ) and =
triggering the DSG.

Of course, DSG can be used as a complex VC LFO or OSC with frequency =
controlled by envelope detected audio signal (pre- or post-EQ), for =

Finally, the Resonant Equalizer, which has received much glowing praise =
on this list over the years, completes this indispensable M-odule.

The Audio Interface is available with Hi-Z Balanced Input [DID] by means =
of 'XLR' and/or 1/4" t-r-s  via the M-boat rear panel. (Lo-Z input =
transformer is also available)

$1,700  (Balanced Input option + $150) / (Lo-Z transformer add $150)

A JPEG rendering has been posted to the M-odule photo album on the Yahoo =
Groups page.

Bakis Sirros=20
Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
doepfer_a100 group owner
Athens - Greece