Re: New Waldorf Mono Synth

From Danny Zelonky
Sent Thu, Nov 2nd 1995, 21:53

>-16 internal modulation sources e.g. 
>LFO1, LFO2 + modulation wheel, Envelope1, Velocity, Pitch Follow, etc.

--Again, no oscillators available as mod sources = no fm = little that couldn't
be done sonically with, say, a Korg MonoPoly!  Is it worth $1200 more just for
MIDI control?  For this kind of deutchmarks you could get a lot more synth on
the used market, or even a small Doepfer modular.  Target market: wimps who
worry about oscillator stability in older gear.  

>-16 internal modulation targets e.g. 
> Osc 1 Pitch, Osc 1 Level, Pulse Width, Cut-Off, Resonance, etc.

Again, no modulation OF (not "by") the LFO's nor the EG's! I'll bet the LFO's
don't even get up to 20 hz.  Ever set up two LFO's which modulate one another
and then use their respective output voltages to control other parameters?  This
would have cost nothing to implement.

Another cynical marketing idea, IMHO.