Re: [AH] Eurorack options?

From Mark Pulver
Sent Mon, Jan 5th 2009, 21:11

Remember that in playing the "lets get into modulars!" game it's not just 
the physical case size, but mounting hole positions and power supply options.

All of my rack chassis's are Blacet and I've multi-drilled the mounting 
rails so that I can use modules from different manufactures in varying 
chassis. And in two of the racks, I have multiple power supply sources 
(+/-12, +/-15). For sanity's sake though, I don't mix module power needs 
within a chassis.

Short form though... Yeah, the chassis are pretty expensive. Doepfer offers 
a DIY kit of just rails and power supply. If you're handy with wood or 
sheet metal, that can help defray the cost.


Danjel van Tijn (12:02 PM 1/5/2009) wrote:
 >So next step is I need to get a Eurorack case. The doepfer ones are pretty
 >expensive and I have heard this to be a bit of a criticism of Eurorack
 >Are there any other brands I should be checking out? I heard there may be
 >some new ones coming out this year.
 >I guess I could always start with an inexpensive 6U and then stack more as
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