Re: [AH] microwave I (Re: [AH] Cheap-ish sound modules with midi...)

From Matthew Davidson
Sent Mon, Nov 10th 2003, 02:07

On 11/9/03 7:10 PM, "" <> wrote:

> Sounds richer than all the shit out there at the moment.

> Christ, why are all these manufacturers churning out such shit at the mom=
> bloody tritons and shit v-synths.

> All a load of bollocks.

> Cs80, Prophet VS, Matrix12, Minimoog, Tb303, Tr909 these are real
> instruments...

Extreeeeeeeemely narrow minded. One man's real CS-80 is another man's chees=
Wings patch. One man's TR-909 is another man's techno clich=E9. One man's
tired FM rhodes simulation is another man's expressive percussion goldmine.

I'm sure in the glory days of the minimoog, tb303, tr909 and CS-80, there
were 'real' musicians who scoffed at those instruments.

Just because the Triton is not your cup of tea does not mean it is a shit
instrument. There are certain genres where you simply need a Triton like in
others you may need a 303 or 909.

Manufacturers are in business to make money and the fact that they are not
catering to your own, personal desires should be the first clue that your
tastes do not speak for the entire industry.

Personally, I feel there is more choice than ever before, paticaurly in the
area of modular synths. We have Blacet,, MOTM, Doepfer, AS, AS,
Modcan, Cynthia, etc, etc... Virtual analog offerings are amazing with the
Ion, Virus, Q, etc, etc... Even modern analog polysynth: the andy. All this
in addition to the used market where you can find every vintage synth
available. And, we have not even talked about softsynths.

So, if you have =A33000 to blow on synths today and you still are frustrated,
the problem may elsewhere.

- matthew