[AH] RE: FT/FS: Serge TKB in great condition. (STS era of course)

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Tue, Oct 28th 2008, 10:16

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ok, i will trade the TKB, if i find a nice analogue machine i want.
make me some offers with nice analogue machines, please.   :)
the price is 2300 usd, no lower offers please, it=92s the exact price I
bought it 4 months ago, from loopcycle. ( I bought it for 2250 usd
earless, plus I bought brand new rackears for 50usd)
Bakis Sirros - Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
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Subject: FT/FS: Serge TKB in great condition. (STS era of course)
I decided to trade, or sell, my great condition Serge Touch Activated
Keyboard Sequencer. (itsan STS era panel of course and I think it=92s a
hartland era panel as well. (I can confirm this on Wednesday, when I am
in the studio)
I really like it, but I have two in my serge system=85
It works and looks awesome.
 Apart from one thing:
The keyboard voltage is inverted=85 (instead of going from left to right
from 0 to 5 volts, it goes from left to right from 5 to 0 volts)
The reason is unknown and it probably was like that from when it was
brand new.
But that does not (really) affect the TKB functionality!
All gates outs work fine all sequencer rows and knobs work fine, all
keyboard gate and keyboard pressure outputs and clock (vertical
horizontal) and reset inputs work fine!
 It is in mint cosmetic condition as well.
After all, the touch pads are used mostly for reseting the sequencer or
setting starting points for the sequencer or sending gates and voltages
that correspond to the respective knobs of the respective sequencer row
and not for playing =91melodies=92.
The keyboard voltage is a voltage from 0 to +5 volts, split into 16
steps, so anyway , even when it is ok, not inverted I mean, it s not
easy to use it to play conventional =91melodies=92 (you have to scale =
etc=85) . The touch pads are used to operate the sequencer rows mostly.
(the previous owner did not had even noticed that the keyboard voltage
was interted at all, as he never had used this output!)
Btw, I bought it, half a year ago, from =93loopcycle=92 who is a member =
the HYPERLINK "http://www.modularsynth.net/"www.modularsynth.net  forum,
so you can confirm its great condition!
Photos of this actual Serge/STS TKB are here:
and here: =20
and here:
now, I would not normally sell it, but I have two in my serge!
The price new is 2700 usd for the TKB, plus the box and rack ears (300
usd) =3D 3000 usd (check here: HYPERLINK
Rex, please correct me if I=92m wrong about the new price of it.
I am asking 2300 usd! (plus shipping, plus 4% paypal charge). payment
via paypal only.
But, I REALLY prefer trades for the specific analogue machines mostly:
Korg MS20 plus extra paypal cash
Korg MS50 plus extra paypal cash
Korg PS3100 (direct trade)
Roland System 100 101 and 102 (direct trade)
Roland System 100 101 plus extra paypal cash
Roland System 100 102 plus extra paypal cash
ARP Odyssey mk2 or mk3 plus extra paypal cash
Roland System 100m 5 modules full cabinet plus extra cash
Any other ideas of modular gear or great analogues=85? I am open to
Please, I want the machines to be in fine working condition, as the TKB
of mine is.
Email me offlist.
(I prefer trades in EU, but US is also ok.)
Best regards,      :-)

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