Re: [AH] System 100 in NYC?

From ndkent
Sent Fri, Dec 26th 2008, 16:05

I've not seen one sell for quite that high before, I'd agree on a couple hundred less as a U.S. price, I mean you can still get a 5 module 100M for maybe $500 more if you are patient.

 I bought mine in 2005 for $425, though that had something to do with finding one in a country where they are or were more common and it fitting into my suitcase to get it home. 


Really in my mind it boils down to if the intent is to use it patched to something else. It's not really that well featured on it's own though is relatively compact as vintage analogs go. Being able to carry it and my laptop direct to a gig right after buying it was a motivation (umm and the price). 

 The one VCO sounds great... for one VCO. The 18db filter is great for what it is. The one ADSR is skimpy but delivers. Certainly good to go for sequenced lines (you'd need to mod the 3A to 1v/oct, to run it from CV, right?). Not enough stuff on it as is to do really do ambient imho unless it's really minimal single drone, but as I mentioned in the other recent post on the subject, I think the intent since it was released was to use it with other gear patched in, it's a little basic as your one and only synth.