From dspeade
Sent Wed, Oct 25th 1995, 00:22

>> moogs were ment to be old,
>Wrong. If they were "ment (sic) to be old", then why do they work so much 
>better when you improve the power supplies and op-amps on them. I've used 
>two 900-series systems at this point, one unimproved and the other 
>fully-reworked. I'll take the "new" Moog any time.

>From talking with other people who work on this stuff they'll tell you the
same thing.  My friend loves to see what makes the old Moogs tick and then
revamps them 90's style to improve them.

>> and now if they make new products dorks like trent reznor will
>> start using them.
>As will a lot of other people. Your point?

Well if Trent uses them and then enough people do and the companies make
enough of them...maybe they will get cheaper?  I can dream...

>Actually, if they come back and ram the overinflated modular prices back 
>down the hole they came crawling out of, I'll be quite happy. I have 
>nothing but praise for Serge for keeping the torch lit, Doepfer for 
>bringing the prices back in line for the basics

The new issue of Electronic Musician talks about Serge, EMS and Doepfer.

, and now this for putting 
>Moog back online so that you don't have to mortgage a small country to 
>afford a Model 55 or IIIc. If they come back, personally, _I_ will be 
>quite _pleased_...especially if a lot of broker-types are left holding 
>the bag on their VINTAGE RARE ANALOG etc etc etc $10000000 (add zeros ad  
>nauseaum). You're perfectly welcome to feel as angry as you like, but I 
>think you're going to be in a very small (perhaps singular) minority.

While I'd hate to see anyone get 'stuck' with something, it'd be justice for
those who want and can't afford..or those who realize what else they could
have instead. :-)