Re: Wax Trax's Release of AI2

From Adam J Weitzman
Sent Mon, Aug 15th 1994, 15:55

> >	Well, Wax Trax finally got around to releasing AI2 for us 
> >stateside folks.  I found a copy used already, so I thought I'd let y'all 
> >know what we got here.
> Finding a used copy of something doesn't mean it's been released yet. I
> can't count the number of times I've seen stacks of "used" promo copies
> of releases as much as a few weeks before their street dates. Has anyone
> seen a legit copy of AI2 on Tee Vee Toons for sale in a store?

OK, I guess I'm the only one then. I bought it Friday at Newbury Comics in
Harvard Square. (Admittedly, it wasn't on the racks yet; they had just
gotten a shipment of stuff and it was in the stack of stuff they had just
put price tags on and I asked if I could buy it. I have no idea if it went
into the racks later that night or if they're waiting until Tuesday.) The
US Warp/WaxTrax!/TVT ltd. ed. 2CD issue; its catalong number is TVT
7223-2. It contains: 

CD 1: (45:55)

1. Mark Franklin - Release To The System
2. The Higher Intelligence Agency - Selinite
3. Link - Arcadian
4. B12 - Scriptures
5. Autechre - Chatter
6. Speedy J - Symmetry

CD 2: (62:07)

1. Beaumont Hannant - Utuba
2. Richard H Kirk - Reality Net
3. Balil - Parasight
4. Seefeel - Spangle
5. Darrel Fitton - Blipsalt
6. Polygon Window - My Teapot
7. Kenny Larkin - Maritime

Also, there is over 5 minutes of silence after the Larkin track, after
which there is an unlisted 7-minute track by Scanner (they are not listed
anywhere except on the disc itself), all contained on track 7. The 62:07
includes this extra 12 minutes; the sticker on the package indicated that
the total time of both discs was 95:25, thus "hiding" the track further.

As for what's on it, it's not mindblowing, but very entertaining. I
already had "Parasight" and "Spangle," but they're two pretty decent
tracks anyways. I own the _One_AD_ comp and neither of the HIA tracks on
it really struck me as being fantastic, but their contribution here is my
favorite. I also like the B12, Kirk, Fitton and Larkin tracks quite a bit.
Autechre's track is a little too average, not quite as good as their other
stuff. As for the Polygon Window track, well, it's, uh, interesting. Can't
really dance to it, though. A whole album of that could be *really* cool
or *really* annoying, depending on what mood you were in. The Hannant
track is good, but he's done better stuff. 

The Mark Franklin track is remixed by Beaumont Hannant and the Link track
is remixed by Global Communication (!). 

                                        - Adam J Weitzman
                                          INDIVIDUAL, Inc.