Re: [AH] another new knob box...

From Legion
Sent Mon, Mar 27th 2000, 19:59

> You don't program it according to the site. It has 128 "presets" which are
> selectable from  an 8 position DIP switch. It looks like controllers only.
> No sysex.

The main page lists: "You can also edit and manipulate the  factory presets or
create your own  presets"

There's no mention of HOW this is done though or what info is sent. Looks like
a programming headache to me and not too flexible but if you can get  a
useable preset (say Filters and envelopes for an ESQ1 or algorithms and
envelopes of a DX100 I could see boxes like this being useful. I'm not a fan
of non-window editing and am a complete mididiot so things like the dreabank
just scare me off. the attraction of this sucker is the potential for the
promised presets nd of course the price...

> >
> > Not sure how you program this thing but it claims to be able to hold
> > user presets and preorders are only $100.