Doepfer modules (was Doepfer at EMIS in the UK)

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Wed, Feb 5th 1997, 13:05

>Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 12:50:34 -0600
>From: (DAC Crowell)
>Subject: Re: Doepfer at EMIS in the UK
>At 10:12 4/2/1997 -0600, mark verbos wrote:
>>jupiter4 wrote:
>>> I just got off the phone to EMIS in Bristol. I spoke to Andy and he is
>>> finalising things with Doepfer. And present he is selling the Doepfer 23
>>> module system for @1400. He is hoping to get the price to 1299. He has also
>>> said that he wants to keep a stock of all the modules and hopefully all the
>>> modules (except vocoder/MIDI CV etc) will be under 100 quid.
>Vocoder for the A100? Or a standalone unit? Hmmmm...methinks I need to get
>the latest info from Doepfer USA...been a while since I did that. To
>>what is the situation like in the US with this stuff? Who is the guy to
>>buy it from and how much does it cost? I know there is a web page for
>>Doepfer, I'm looking for inside info.
>Best thing potentially is to contact Doepfer USA in Omaha:
>14634 Walnut Grove Dr.
>Omaha, NE 68137-1422
>phone 402-894-0384
>fax 402-894-2147
>Not only should they have the most recent (hopefully) info, they should
>also have some lines on local/regional dealers.

Did yous know about the second wave of Doepfer modules? Now it's starting
to get interesting...

A-111 High-end VCO
A-114 Dual ring mod
A-115 octave divider
A-116 VC waveform processor
A-117 digital noise generator/808 source (yes, _that_ 808 :)
A-119 external input/env follower
A-121 multimode filter
A-122 LPF
A-123 HPF
A-125 VC phaser
A-128 fixed filter bank
A-146 variable waveform LFO
A-148 dual S&H
A-150 dual VC switch
A-151 quad sequential switch
A-160 clock divider
A-161 clock sequencer
A-162 dual trigger delay
A-170 dual slew limiter
A-171 VC slew limiter

and of course that exciting-sounding vocoder and MIDI/CV convertor etc.

Is the bottom going to drop out of the 100M/Digisound market, I wonder?