Re: [AH] How can I create effect of voice coming from horribly distorted

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Sent Wed, Jan 7th 2004, 23:43

_-- Zoran Bosnjak <> wrote: 

> So, I thought that creating distorted radio effect
> would be a good starting 
> point.
> Which Doepfer modules would be suitable for this
> purpose?

are Doepfer modules and the clock radio the *only*
things you have at your disposal? if so, tough for me
to answer since I have little experience with

but just speaking generally, some FX you would want to
look at include sample-rate and bit-depth reduction,
various types of distortion and obviously filtering.
ring modulation, as mentioned, can also be useful for
creating som of that "sideband" type noise... perhaps
even some slight pitch modulation of the voice with a
high-rate LFO, if you have facilities for such a

this is probably an obvious thing to say as well, but
the filtering should probably be the last thing in the
signal chain: most of the other distortions in radio
signals occur due to various interferences in the
transmission, and the band-limited speaker which you
are hearing it through on your clock radio is the last
thing in the signal chain, as it were.

someone also mentioned a blending of dry and processed
signals: I would say that should also occur

hope this helps.

I do many of these things fairly often, though I
usually use d*g*t*l means to achieve them, so I won't
get into specific gear here.


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