[AH] 1/8" patch cables ONE more TIME....

From Legion
Sent Tue, Dec 1st 1998, 04:29

Y'know every couple weeks someone sends a message asking for a good
place to get patch cables. I've seen it over and over year after year.
I've read some posts int the archives and talked to countless people who
have mentioned the "best' thing is to build them DIY.

I'm all for this but I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for
good pliable (ie: soft) cable. I've been using thin wire that's still
pretty stiff, radio shack 6' cables hacked to bits and attached
switchcraft plugs to the various ends, and other nonsense. 

this week for the first time I bought some cables from Doepfer and was
very pleased with the soft and very flexible connectors and cable. I'm
sure these are not *that8 well made but they all work (so far) and they
are *exactly* what the doctor orders for patching in tight places.
Sometimes I need 6 or more cables to go between a space of three to four
inches. A stiff cable can make it impossible to get to the knobs.

These are about $2/each in orders of 25 or more. That's $50 plus
shipping for cables and I already paid $2.60/each for ten so I'd love to
hear there's some secret stash of flexible and inexpensive wire
somewhere. I have all the catalogs (Mouser, All Parts, Hosfelt) but they
don't say if they have soft cable or not :).

Can anyone reccomend a good source of parts for 1/8" cables? (please
post publically) I don't mind soldering but I'm wondering if $2/each
isn't as bad as it could be for exactly hwat I'm looking for.

thanks for any/all help!

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