[AH] euro-rack VCO recommendations?

From Matt
Sent Mon, Mar 9th 2009, 10:07

I'm slowly putting together a euro-rack modular as modules show-up
second hand, but have resisted getting any VCOs so far as, along with
filters, it's clearly important to get these right.

I've been advised that the Doepfer A-110 doesn't sound so great
(although I'm attracted to the Doepfer modules & have their G6
suitcase) so what recommendations do other euro-rack modular users
have please?

I'm based in the UK & the Analogue Systems R95 has been strongly
recommended, plus they're (relatively) affordable as they're
unaffected by the terrible GBP exchange rate. I'd looked at Plan B but
after the recent emails about Peter Grenader I'm going to stay clear.

Thanks, Matt