Re: Nord Modular

From 9705146x
Sent Tue, Oct 28th 1997, 04:05

On Sat, 25 Oct 1997, C Whitten wrote:

> Gotta agree with Ben on this one.
> The Nord modular maybe a great concept, it may have limitless possibilities
> and it may even sound great but I've yet to use a piece of software that
> wasn't frustrating when you want to do two things at the same time or just
> be totally intuative.

I think the main issue is price. Not everyone can afford a real modular 
(although Doepfer have the A100 at a "reasonable" price). But if a big 
red box with 30 or knobs on it can acheive *SIMULAR* results to a true 
analog modular, then its something worth considering. Imagine being able 
to "morph" from one patch to another that occupies 54 modules! You can't 
do that on a Moog System 3c (unless you have 40 people all twiddling 
knobs at once). The ability to store patches, the convenience of a small 
package, and "relative" ease of use all add up.

I haven't yet seen the Nord Modular, nor have i used a Moog system 3c... 
what does it come down to really? A bunch of guys argueing about the 
position of the filter resonance or making music....

Somehow i think making music is what counts at the end of the day. If 
your creative, andyou use something old to make something new, then fine, 
let us all hear....if you use something new to make something old, then 
let us hear it as well :)

Just my .0000000001cents worth :)