Re: Hard and Soft Sync (used to be Re[2]: Kyma)

From DJMaytag
Sent Sat, Aug 3rd 1996, 06:28

At 03:25 PM 8/1/96 -0800, Mike Kent wrote:
>I have hard sync on my Pro-One, Octave Cat and Jupiter-8. I can select hard
>sync or soft sync on my Moog 15 and System-100 modulars. If I remember
>correctly the sync in my SH-7 seems to be only soft sync.
>I haven't found much use for soft sync. Can anyone tell me what you use it
>for? Am I missing something?

i don't remember a whole lot of it, but my old matrix-6 had 4 selections for
sync, 0-3, with 3 being hard sync, 1 being soft sync and 0 being off. i
usually set it for soft sync and detuned one of the oscillators most of the
time. it seemed to give a richer sound than hard sync did, especially when
modulating one of the osc's with an envelope of an LFO.

i know the high-end VCO of the doepfer a-100 has a soft sync input. does
anyone know if this module is out yet? i'm curious as to how it sounds.


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