[AH] crappy samplers

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Mon, Oct 16th 2006, 16:32

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redacted@example.com said:
  "radio shack sells a completed digital recording circuit for use in 

  is this something that can be hit with cv controls ala doepfer's sampling mod? (analogue content tee hee)

  to original poster:the casio SK5 hold 4 samples in memory as long as it has batts in it..(anyone know if it's easy to mod these to trigger samples with cv? )  try the Yamaha version as well,  can't remember the Model #, but it has much more control than the Casios to the sample itself...also: the Nord MicroMod has realtime down sampling, and every synth person sholud own at least one (what do they go for nowadys? i bought mine new)
  sorry for OT, i hope no one blows a blood vessel....