Re: [AH] picking a modular/eurorack owner opinions

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Wed, Oct 1st 2008, 13:45

"...It all sounds good once you learn
how to program, mix and produce it and it's all a blast!"

How Very True! that is the bottom line.
if you really learn to program the modulars, you can get great sounds from a 
cheap Paia, or a Doepfer, or an expensive Buchla, or any modular.

Bakis Sirros
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Subject: [AH] picking a modular/eurorack owner opinions

> First of all, I own a eurorack modular and love it. Having said that,
> that big format rigs are awesome ergonomically. I got a chance to
> tinker with Robert Rich's setup at an AH gathering and there's no
> denying the pleasure in using those big knobs and thick patch cables.
> Having
> said that, I've never found the small size of my setup get in the way
> of my complete enjoyment of the patching/music making process. It's all
> what you are willing to tolerate and how much space you have, Also,
> most formats have various controllers, so delving into the spaghetti is
> not always necessary to adjust parameters.
> As far as the sound of
> doepfer modules, I think it really helps to think of them as VERY
> modular, meaning you may need to chain a couple/few filters together to
> get a really great sound. One my favorite things to do is to run the
> aforementioned a108 or a106 through a low pass gate. There's a reason
> Grant created the Borg and the Boog filters. Two great tastes taste
> great together.
> When it comes to Doepfer oscillators, I only have
> one a110 (the most basic one) and it doesn't hold a candle to my Plan B
> model 15s, but it happily provides modulation and useful sounds in
> almost every patch.
> I could go on about all of the reasons I love my
> setup, but you get the point. All of the current manufactures are
> putting great creative stuff out there (someday I hope to have at least
> one module from all of them). I 've heard people squeeze some pretty
> awesome sounds from a Paia kit and some downright terrible ones from
> some top dollar stuff .
> There's no wrong answer. Decide how much
> space you have, how much money you want to spend and what you to
> accomplish with it and buy something. It all sounds good once you learn
> how to program, mix and produce it and it's all a blast!