Re: [AH] again -- Voyager newbie question: VCF-ENV release

From Paul Linton
Sent Wed, May 3rd 2006, 18:49

The Mini and Multi definitely made appearances on several SP tracks, but earlier works were definitely Pro-One. Here's a fairly recent gear list from Cevin:

Nord Modular, Lead 3; Alesis Andromeda A-6; Roland V-synth, JP-8000, System 100m, Jupiter 6, JV-2080, TR-808 x2, TR-909, TB-303, MC-202, MC-505; Serge and Buchla Modulars; ARP 2500, ARP 2600; Korg MS20, MS10, SQ10, Monopoly, Wavestation AD; EMS VCS3, EML 101; Moog MiniMoog, MultiMoog, Moog Eqs; Yamaha CS80, SU700, An1X; Sequential Circuits Pro One, Studio 440; E-mu SP1200, Emax 2; Doepfer MAQ16; Kurzweil K2500; Rave-o-lution 309; Waldorf Pulse+Filter; Theremin; Korg Kaos Pad v.2; Manley EQ; Avalon Compressor; TC Electronic EQ; Eventide 3500/4000; AMS delay; Lexicon PCM41, Jamman, Vortex; Sherman Filterbank; Simmons SDS-V, Korg Wavedrum, Pearl Syncussion x2, Custom Drumosaurus trigger setup, etc...