[AH] FS: Two Doepfer Multiples

From Mike Peake
Sent Mon, Apr 21st 2008, 22:51


One is original, one has been modified so that it is a
pair of 4x4 mults. There is a line between them on the
front panel. It can be rewired to again be an 8x8. 

$30.00 each, shipping included in the US. More for out
of the country. 

Still available, but note that both have non-factory
jack nuts: 
-Doepfer Dual S/H module, long power cable, losing
some silkscreening on the front panel. $60.00
including shipping in the US, more for outside.
-Analogue Systems Sequential Switch, no power cable or
header socket on PCB, $130.00 shipped within the US,
more for outside the country.

I take paypal and money orders. Thanks for looking.

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