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well i would buy one danjel .No one aside from analogue solutions seems to 
have copied the mod matrix aspect ( though i think doepfer are doing a 
matrix module ?) .The other unique thing about the synthi of cause is that 
semi chaotic non predictability and sound .I cant help but think someone 
could have made a mint doing a synthi v2  - like a new improved 21st century 
synthi ( double width 6 osc 2 x sample and hold  etc  ) .I think theres a 
reason their so sort after and its not rarity its the sound character .I 
would just clone the circuits , add a sample and hold or 2 and not worry so 
much about the case side and make a more modern version for sure  , just 
getting that character of sound it has .I think analogue systems do an osc 
thats near 100% synthi sounding .The trapezoid is very big part of the 
synthi also and essential.I will go on the waiting list now :)..........been 
on ems list since the beginning of time and cant see myself ever getting the 
phone call or email to say  - we have a lovley synthi here for you   ( 
unless someone takes over robins business and begins professional 
manufacture  - and i wish they would ! )

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>I do a lot of specialty work in fabrication of panels and UI. I am not
> interested in making an exact replica of the design, I would rather update
> and improve it.
> If the original mod matrix is integral to how it functioned then that is
> something I would want to keep.
> I will look at the schematics but I am betting I can build something for
> significantly cheaper than the prices for Synthis being thrown around.
> cheers,
>    Danjel
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>> > Other than the modulation matrix, what is really unique about the 
>> > Synthi
>> > that would prohibit it from being made by a 3rd party? Any super rare
>> parts?
>> > secret design elements?
>> No real secrets. Some parts are rare, but with mild redesign equalent
>> function
>> can be achieved without seriously fuck up the characteristics.
>> > Are there schematics available?
>> Schematics can be found. Even the EMS service manual lacks a few details,
>> but
>> it is nothing major that isn't obvious after some reverse-engineering any
>> service engineer is able to do anyway.
>> > As for the routing matrix, there are some excellent IC options for this
>> > (digital control of analog switches) so you could even make an analog
>> > patchbay with storable states.
>> Certainly, but it will not emulate the Synthi-A matrix close enought. It
>> will
>> be hard to do what I usually do to it. Also, recall that the pins have
>> different resistance.
>> Building the boards isn't that hard. Getting a new similar enought chassi
>> going
>> is more troublesome. The VCS3 box is much simpler to do more off.
>> Cheers,
>> Magnus
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