[AH] VS : combo Opcode Studio 5 LX plus GEETHREE stealth serial port for

From ohesch
Sent Fri, Oct 3rd 2008, 19:20

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subject says it all.
keep on downsizing.
i'd rather sell this directly,
than put it on you know where. :-)

the Opcode Studio 5 LX is a very powerful
programmable midi interface for the Mac=20
serial port with 200 channels, 15 !! I/Os etc.
this is actually a really cool unit and it works
without a mac as well as neat midi router etc..
nice for you gear addicts out there... :-)
it cost a fortune new.
there is a good description on matrixsynth.

i got the stealth port to run it on newer
G5 macs. maybe this works on the
intel macs, too but i don't know.

well the VP9000 elastic audio sampler
is entirely out of topic, were it not for
some awesome PS3300, MS20, ATC1
and LAMM samples on one of the disks, lol

i would like to see 90,- Euros plus shipping
for the minty Opcode combo and 250,- euros
for the minty VP9000.

i have some decent pics if you are interested.