Re: [AH] FS : !! NOT BY ME !!! Roland System 100M $777 canadian (I guess

From rolandman1
Sent Tue, Oct 20th 1998, 04:38

Well kids, the same pair of 100m's Sylvian just bought for $900US is now up
for sale merely a couple days later... I emailed him about it and he seems to
be taking "offers" around $2000/5 module cabinet.  Ugh... I wonder if our
fellow AH-er's post to the list tipped him off.  Nothing personal to Sylvian
(who I have never dealt with) but situations like this should make people on
this list think twice about posting deals to the list.  Share the info with
your friends instead and save them some money.  I could have used a 2 rack
100m for $900US, as could most of us, Im sure.... Oh well.... Anyone got some
100m racks for trade?  

Happy Twiddling,

In a message dated 10/20/98 6:31:44 PM, you wrote:

<<I gather from the responses that - yes Sylvian is a dealer, but a 
reputable one. 

>On Sun, 18 Oct 1998, Ben Vehorn wrote:
>> I dunno what they will go for, but I have bought a boatload of 
>> from Sylvain and the guy is top-notch. I wouldn't hesitate to deal 
with him
>> again (in fact, I am already dealing with him again). High 
>	In case that didn't clear everything up, I'll throw a vote in
>there. If there's anyone I'd like to do business with it would be 
>I've had nothing but great experiences, and each time he has gone so 
>out of his way to help me get what I want, I can hardly believe it. May 
>enjoy the 100m. (because I'm trying to get the $ for his sys100!) =) 
>	JAson