Re: [AH] seeking controller device...impossible dream?

From john mahoney
Sent Sun, Mar 18th 2007, 19:15

At 12:31 PM 3/18/2007, David Bartz wrote:

>Does anyone remember the "lectron" electronics kits of the 60s? ( 
> ) I had one and it was a 
>lot of fun (although I seem to remember some contact issues).

I remember seeing them as a kid -- they looked *so* cool! -- but I 
didn't have 'em. I had a Radio Shack 100-in-1 project kit, and that's 
about the extent of my electronics knowledge, to this day. ;-D

>I would love to see MIDI controller building blocks (switches, 
>sliders, pots, joysticks, etc.) where you could breadboard your own 
>controller that would deliver MIDI.

Amos has a point about Doepfer's DIY MIDI products. There are a 
couple of other devices out there, like the ones from , and you should look at the MIDI Solutions 
boxes like the Pedal Controller:

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