[AH] re:question for those with a doepfer A188 BBD

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Fri, Feb 16th 2007, 16:45

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yes, it's the clock bleed (i have  the 2048 stage version)...you have to fi=
lter out the clock noise if you want longer delays...there is an output fro=
m the clock designed to adjust an external lowpass filter -as you turn down=
 the clock, the cutoff is reduced  (haven't actually tried it myself, i jus=
t turned down the high eq on my mixer)...from what i gather, good analog de=
lay units from the past have this stuff built in, and in fact i'm having my=
 old Ross Stereo Delay pedal repaired so i can get longer dubby delays...th=
e least expensive alternative i've found is a Electro Harmonix MemoryMan Pl=
us for about $325, but you can add a lowpass filter behind the A188 and hav=
e way more flex for around  the same price...i understand the Mooger Fooger=
 Analog Delay adds filtering, compression, and downward expansion to get a =
real sweet sound, but those are over 600 bucks i believe...i'm keeping my 2=
048 stage Doepfer as the destructive quality you can get from it is pretty =
badass, the
 shorter delays sound great, and i'm going to use the Doepfer Universal Vac=
trol mod to provide basic voltage control to my Ross delay (amongst other s=
tuff)=0A=0A=0AJames Yeaman wrote:=0A=0A"I have the 4096 stage version.=0A=
=0AIve noticed that I seem to get a sort of sine wave that leaks through to=
 =0Athe output, Im guessing its the clock?=0A=0Ait happens when I have the =
bottom BBD polarity switch set to either plus =0Aor minus...=0A=0Asometimes=
 its cool, but other times Id really like to get rid of it!=0A=0Aanybody el=
se notice this?"