Re: [AH] Stupid and Vague question.. MW XT vs. Clavia Modular

From [.v/jek.]
Sent Wed, Jan 13th 1999, 03:21

>the whole point of the Nord Modular is analog, modular emulation...this
>works extremely well for those who are into the strengths and quirks of
>analog modular synthesis,

Uhh.. I'm not saying it should have PCM samples in it or
anything.. The basic idea and architrchre is good.. great even,
but the ability to do weird things with esoteric modules you
could never pull off with a hardware analogue is missing
(the spectral OSC, format OSC and a few others fall into
this category of advanced-esoteric modules.. but some of the
weirdest modles I know of are still only in hardware.. why is
this?) ...

>>[NOTE: I'm not saying I'm against the stuff they have implimented..
>>but being digital, they seem to be doings things very conventionally
>>instead of taking it to the next level.. ]....
>everyone is taking everything to the next level these days...

Really? like who?.. Roland? is the mc303 honestly the next level, or
just marketing hype? Only Jomox (with the sunsyn), waldorf,
doepfer, Clavia and other small companies seem to be doing
anything worth while...